Custom Plans


 1. Diamond Design has a “Start Up” meeting.

–       Complete Questionnaire

–       Gather Ideas from Client

–       Sign Contract

–       Collect 50% Deposit

2. Diamond Design /draws “preliminary”

(floor plan and then elevations) in approx. 4 weeks

3. Diamond Design has unlimited meetings/ phone calls/emails with client to review and make changes to “preliminary” plan.

Note:  Have your contractor/HOA also review Preliminary.

4. Client approves “preliminary”

   Note: Once preliminary is approved there is a

   $100/hour charge for any major changes beyond

   this point

5. Diamond Design draws Complete Set of Construction Plans…this will take approximately 1-2 weeks.

6. Diamond Design has “Final” meeting.

–      Review and tweak to complete set of plans.

–      Collect remaining balance.

7. Diamond Design prints 10 sets of plans.

8. Client will need to contact an engineer (either our engineer or another engineer) to have a foundation plan drawn based on the house plans Diamond Design has completed.

Please click on this link to see a Complete Set of Plans COMPLETE SET OF PLANS