Custom Plans

Custom Plan Process

  • Diamond Design has a “Start Up” meeting.
    • Complete Questionnaire
    • Gather Ideas from Client
    • Sign Contract
    • Collect 50% Deposit
  • Diamond Design /draws “preliminary” (floor plan and then elevations) in approx. 4 weeks
  • Diamond Design has unlimited meetings/phone calls/ emails with client to review and make changes to “preliminary” FLOOR PLAN.  Upon approval of “Preliminary” floor plan, we then draw the ELEVATIONS.
  • **Note: Have your contractor/ HOA also review Preliminary.

– Once preliminary Floor Plan is approved, there is a $100/hour charge for any major changes beyond this point to Floor Plan.

If at any point we are asked to draw an entirely different house, even during the preliminary stages, then there will be a $500-$1,500 extra charge. The fee will be decided by Diamond Design depending on how much work was done thus far and will need to be paid immediately.

  • Diamond Design draws Complete Set of Construction Plans…this will take approximately 1-2 weeks.
  • Diamond Design has “Final” meeting.
  • Review and tweak complete set of plans.
  • Collect remaining balance.
  • Diamond Design prints 10 sets of plans.
  • Client will need to contact an engineer (either our engineer or another engineer) to have a foundation plan drawn based on the house plans Diamond Design has completed.