Home Design Plans We offer a simplified and detailed approach to Residential Architecture throughout all stages of design.Residential Home Design PlansWe provide custom design plans for residential projects that are practical and cost effective.Custom & Stock Home Design PlansResidential Architecture is Our Passion!

Our Process

  • 1
    Diamond Design has a “Start Up” meeting with client
    Complete Questionnaire
    Gather Ideas from Client
    Sign Contact & Collect 50% Deposit
  • 2
    Diamond Design draws “preliminary” floor plan….this will take approx 2-4 weeks
  • 3
    Diamond Design has “2nd 3rd, … meeting with client to review and make changes to “prelim” floor plan and proceed with the preliminary elevation drawings.
    Note: Client can have as many meeting as necessary for changes until you approve preliminary.
  • 4
    Clients approves “complete preliminary” (floor plan and elevations)
    Note: once preliminary is approved there is a $90/hour charge any major changes beyond this point
  • 5
    Diamond design draws complete set of plans… this will take approx 1 week.
  • 6
    Diamond Design has “Final” meeting with client review and make changes to complete set of plans collect reminder of balance
  • 7
    Diamond Design makes final changes to complete set of plans
  • 8
    Diamond Design delivers 10 sets of plans
  • 9
    Clients will need to contact an engineer(either our engineer or another engineer) to have a foundation plan drawn based on the house plans Diamond Design has completed.

About Us

Jimmy Bell, owner of Diamond Design, LLC, has continued to receive outstanding recognition for his talent of capturing the art of residential and commercial design. With a flair for large upscale homes, particularly Mediterranean style homes, it is clear he enjoys the culturally rich and refreshing designs of each home he brings to life.

Jimmy designs homes with a creative sense of style, imaginative use of space and all the while meeting the needs of each of his clients.

Real Estate Developer

June 13, 2019

As a real estate investor in the New Orleans area, Jimmy is someone I rely on heavily. They are a key component to my business and I have presented them with complex properties and issues that they have been able to work through with me. I appreciate that they are willing to listen to my concerns and are genuine in trying to meet my needs.

Alissa Schmidtke

Sieverding Construction

April 10, 2019

I have used Jimmy and Melissa Bell with Diamond Design for 10+ years. They are creative, efficient and care about my business and my clients.


Residential builder

January 22, 2019

As a residential builder, we have been using the services of Diamond Design for over twelve years. In addition, we have referred many of our clients to them for design services for custom homes. We have never been disappointed, and our clients love their new homes



Weeks to preliminary floor plan Under 4000 SQ.ft 6000-4000 SQ. ft Over 6000 SQ. ft Reno / Additions
Stock plans 1 week or less .45 .45 .45 N/A
Established custom 4+ weeks .80 .90 1.00 1.75
Express custom 2 weeks 1.20 1.35 1.50 1.60
Expedite custom 1 week 1.60 1.80 2.00 3.50
Stock plans 1 week or less

Under 4000 SQ.ft | .45

6000-4000 SQ. ft | .45

Over 6000 SQ. ft | .45

Reno / Additions | N/A

Established custom 4+ weeks

Under 4000 SQ.ft | .80

6000-4000 SQ. ft | .90

Over 6000 SQ. ft | 1.00

Reno / Additions | 1.75

Express custom 2 weeks

Under 4000 SQ.ft | 1.20

6000-4000 SQ. ft | 1.35

Over 6000 SQ. ft | 1.50

Reno / Additions | 1.60

Expedite custom 1 week

Under 4000 SQ.ft | 1.60

6000-4000 SQ. ft | 1.80

Over 6000 SQ. ft | 2.00

Reno/ Additions | 3.50