• Diamond Design has a  “Start Up” meeting at your home–Take measurements and pictures–Gather Ideas from Client–Sign Contract–Collect 50% Deposit
  • Diamond Design /draws “preliminary” (floor plan and then elevations) in approx. 3-4 weeks for clients review and revisions
  • Diamond Design has unlimited meetings/ phone calls/emails with client to review and make changes to “preliminary” FLOOR PLAN.  Upon approval of “Preliminary” floor plan, we then draw the ELEVATIONS if needed.
  • Once preliminary Floor Plan is approved, there is a $100/hour charge for any major changes beyond this point to Floor Plan.
  • Upon your official approval of the preliminary drawing Diamond Design draws Complete Set of Construction Plans…this will take approximately 1-2 weeks.   THIS is what you need to get your permit
  • AFTER you are done with us,  then it has to go to an engineer for foundation plans when foundation plans are required